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    Sambhali Charity


    2016 is an important year for Trading Boundaries as we celebrate our 20th anniversary as an independent retailer. Having made regular trips to India over the past two decades, the country and its people have become very close to our hearts, so in light of this, we are very proud to announce a partnership with the wonderful non-profit charity, Sambhali Trust.

    To donate to this wonderful cause please visit the Facebook page 

    Sambhali Trust

    The Aim 

    The Sambhali Trust was created in Jodhpur in 2007, with the sole aim of providing support for underprivileged and deprived women and children in Rajasthan. The charity concentrates primarily on the Dalit Community (the Untouchables), who are discriminated against due to their low standing in India’s ‘Caste system’.

    Sambhali Trust: “Since its creation in December 2007, Sambhali Trust has worked tirelessly to change the lives of Rajasthani women by providing them with access to formal education, training in traditional income-generating skills such as handicraft production, as well as arranging and monitoring women’s self-help groups, helping them to save money, have access to loans and create small enterprises of their own. We also empower women by teaching them about their human rights and provide refuge, counselling and support in cases of domestic violence, and financial help with legal or medical issues. Sambhali Trust does not accept ANY discrimination on the basis of caste, colour, creed, religion, sex or language.”

    “Sambhali Trust gives children and women a voice and a support network to nurture their hopes and ambitions, which allows them the freedom to work towards an individual dream, a priceless gift in their oppressive social and economic situation.”


    As of 2016 there are now 4 separate branches of Sambhali, with offshoots based in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the UK.

    At present, there are 17 projects running in both Jodhpur and in the rural area of Setrawa. These projects range from female education and empowerment programs to the No Bad Touch program, which focuses on the awareness and safety of child abuse.

    The charity also has a boutique shopping outlet, providing a platform for women to sell their sewn goods and handicrafts. Several of these items will be available to buy from Trading Boundaries with all profits going to the Sambhali Trust and the women who produced them. In addition to selling handicrafts created by women who are part of the Sambhali Trust we are fundraising throughout the year and will be hosting special events. Please keep an eye on our website and social media for upcoming news.

    How you can help

    You can support the charity independently, by: - Donating funds by visiting this page

    The donations can either be used to strengthen the charity as a whole, sponsor a child to go to school via the Sambhali scholarship project or to help a specific income generating project. i.e. $300 provides a cow for a woman in Setrawa village to start a dairy business.

    Volunteering - This is a fantastic way to get involved. The opportunity provides a wonderful experience, allowing you to visit an incredible country while learning via hands on experience at a grass root level

    - Finding a market for the Sambhali Boutique products to support the charity with trade
    We thank you for your support for Sambhali Trust.